- Dr. Jim Oury - 
World Renowned Cardiothorasic Surgeon

My name is Dr. Jim Oury. I'm a retired cardiothorasic surgeon.And while I may have retired from my medical practice

"I haven't retired from helping people!"

I'm in my 70s. I'm an active participant in Triathlons. The picture to the left is from the 2015 Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. This is my 5th year in a row participating in one of the toughest of all triathlons.

Here's a younger picture of me. I served in the United State Navy. I'm Board Certified with the American Board of Thoracic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. And I've coauthored 65 published articles in major medical journals.

I've participated in 30 Marathons including 10 Boston Marathons, 11 Iron Man Triathlons, 12 Tevis 1-day 100-mile Trail Rides as well as numerous other events.​

If you'd like to check out a more complete summary of my professional life, then please click on the button below to view my CV.​

*Last Updated March 2014

What's One of My Secrets to an Active Life After 60?

Nitric Oxide Therapy!

As a cardiothorasic surgeon I've seen first hand the damage done to the cardiovascular system.
This is especially true if you don't properly support a key tissue called the endothelium.

This endothelium lines your entire cardiovascular system. When properly supported by key nutrients it produces a gas called nitric oxide - the master signaling molecule of your entire cardiovascular system.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Nitric Oxide Therapy!

  • Lower Blood Pressure Back to Normal
  • Improved Wound Healing
  • Lower the Risk Factors for Strokes and Heart Attacks
  • Improved Sexual Health and Function
  • Reverse Plaque Formation and Calcification 
  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Greater Clarity, Awareness, and Energy
  • Enhanced Blood Flow

Nitric Oxide Molecule

That's 8 Great Potential Benefits To Help You Slow Down The Aging Process!

How do you obtain these benefits? By taking charge of your health by choosing to properly nourish your endothelium with the key nutrients it needs to produce nitric oxide.

It's That Simple!

I've been approached by others to endorse products designed to create this nitric oxide. Guess what? I sought out Synergy Worldwide to endorse their product ProArgi-9+.

I've seen how ProArgi-9+ has improved the cardiovascular health of others. Allowing them to enjoy life instead of being compromised with cardiovascular issues that steal their time with loved ones.

Additionally, ProArgi-9+ is listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference "as the highest quality L-Arginine supplement in the world." Usually you don't see the medical profession make that kind of statement for a natural, nutritional supplement. But they have and this product is that good.

And, it's the only "Clinically Proven" l-arginine supplement in the market.

I also use it personally. I believe ProArgi-9+ has made a huge difference in helping me maintain a competitive edge in my Triathlon events. Here's an interview I did with Dan Hammer at the 2015 ITU World Triathlon World Championship in Chicago, IL.

Here's What You Need to Do To Enjoy The Benefits of

Nitric Oxide Therapy!​

You need to order ProArgi-9+ today.
You need to call my colleague Dan Hammer at


You need to tell Dan,

"Dr. Jim told me to call you!"

Dan will help you order ProArgi-9+, establish how much product is best for you, and offer you special pricing options for seniors. But you've got to tell Dan

"Dr. Jim told me to call you!"

Pick Up The Phone & Call Today 1-800-966-3012

Our Goal is to Help You be Healthy at 60 Plus!

Here's What Others Over The Age Of 60 Are Saying About ProArgi-9+...

John McDermott 70 yrs. old

I truly believe Synergy's V3 products contributed significantly to my nutrition, performance levels and overall wellness.

Dennis Kelly 73 yrs. old

I have been researching for years all the information on Nutritional Science I can find and in my opinion, ProArgi-9+ and ProArgi-9 Active are the most scientifically advanced products of its kind.

Phil Hickman69 yrs. old

I can honestly say that ProArgi-9+ has done amazing things for my health. My heart has never felt better and I'm doing things that I, nor my doctors, would have ever thought possible eight years ago.

Pick Up The Phone And Tell Dan

"Dr. Jim told me to call you!"


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